Chat support suite

                                          Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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                                          HELP DESK SUITE

                                          Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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                                          FAQ BUILDER

                                          Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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                                          Plugins & Integrations
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                                          Agent Handbook
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                                          Agent Test
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                                          WHO WE ARE

                                          Our mission is to make real customer
                                          relationships possible by providing the best
                                          software platform for support teams.

                                          WHAT WE DO

                                          Simple, effective, versatile, inexpensive, multi-channel help desk software


                                          AI determining whether a customer service interaction is positive, negative or neutral with instant notifications.

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                                          of Inquiries

                                          Automatically tag all chat and email inquiries via intelligent automation. Customer service trends at your fingertips

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                                          Instant Language

                                          Give agents the power to speak any language instantly!

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                                          Enterprise Reporting

                                          Flexible reports, anything from website statistics to agent productivity

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                                          Incredible UI/UX

                                          Completely customizable UI, literally!

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                                          Operator Panel

                                          Patented design allowing to respond to chat inquiries, emails and search FAQ all at the same time

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                                          Customers never wait when our Live Chat Support Suite does the talking.

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                                          Daily and Monthly
                                          Score Cards

                                          Real time feedback on the quality and quantity of your customer service with exact instructions on how to improve

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                                          LET’s TEAM UP NOW

                                          Join us to receive discounted services and early access to new
                                          products and features.

                                          Better Together

                                          We keep our team strong to better support yours.

                                          Our team

                                          LiveHelpNow headquarters address

                                          With two locations in Pennsylvania, US and one in Kraków, Poland we are just getting started!

                                          515 S West End Blvd #202, Quakertown, PA 18951


                                          Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.

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